Organic Pest Control

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Organic and All Natural Pest Control is Now Available

There is no need to put anyone at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals in the removal of unwanted pests. Faith Environmental® uses the best in Organic Pesticides and Environmentally Friendly Products in pest control services. We offer these green pest control services for insects such as cockroaches, carpenter ants, rodents and wasps... just to name a few.

Break the insect cycle in nursing homes and hospital facilities naturally!  The key is integrated pest management with non-toxic and environmentally safe products. 

Protect Children in Daycare Facilities and Schools while eliminating existing insects as well as the next generation of pests both inside and out.

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Our Organic Alternatives use 'GREEN' safe chemicals.

Obviously the goal is to rid your property of pests but we must also make sure that your children and pets are not harmed.

We will customize a program to meet the needs of your family AND fit your budget.